Faith for All Project

Train the young in the way they should go; even when old, they will not swerve from it.

(Prov. 22:6.)

With the right tools, Children around the world can know and grow in love for their Eternal Father - and live with the joy of their dignity and mission as His children.

Bridging the gap for millions of children in need

The Faith for ALL Project from CatholicBrain Cares Foundation is an opportunity for individuals and organizations to partner with us to reach children and families in impoverished communities where the digital streaming of faith formation content is not an option. The Biblezon Tablet is our simple and powerful device to deliver a robust faith formation experience to those who need it most. The tablets arrive with optional solar-power battery packs and are pre-loaded with easy-to-use digital content. We will equip ministries, and parishes and schools to instantly strengthen the souls of children and families who urgently need the love of Jesus in their lives.

You can help us bring the truth and love and care of Christ directly to those who are in need.

For CatholicBrain Cares, our top priority is the eternal destiny of each individual soul. children and families. Knowing and loving Jesus, God the Father, and the Holy Spirit through scripture, and prayer, sacraments, and friendship with the saints lifts souls to triumph through difficult circumstances on earth, and to experience joy with Jesus forever in heaven.

Support us in this mission to strengthen families, and to empower children and youth with the light of Christ, the source of hope for our world!

Interested in helping with the Faith for All Project? It's easy to get started.

If you’d like to help us make these powerful tablets available to souls in need, you can get started with a simple donation today. If you’re a donor who’d like to work with us on making plans for the distribution of some Faith for ALL tablets, contact us!

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Who is eligible for the Faith for All?

Eligibility includes Catholic schools, churches, missionary organizations and orphanages in impoverished areas. The mission is to support souls who would not otherwise have access to Catholic faith formation by providing Biblezon tablets. Partner ministries and parishes connect families and schools to distribute the tablets in counties and communities where they’re needed. In our initial release, tablets are available in English only. Tablets in Spanish are also planned.


What can a child do with a Biblezon tablet?

  • Faith Formation Programs for Children ages 3-12
  • 40 Adventure Catechism Videos
  • Bible Stories Videos
  • Audio Bible
  • Saint Stories
  • Catholic Dictionary
  • Games & Activities
  • Catholic Songs
  • Prayers
  • Quizzes

Tablet Specifications


Producing fresh and dynamic content to captivate hearts for Christ

STREAMS of Faith Project

The CatholicBrain Cares Foundation partners with International Media Outlets to provide streaming access to valuable Adventure Catechism Media videos and digital resources to evangelize and energize families on every continent. Revenue generated from these streaming opportunities helps CatholicBrain Cares Foundation to be financially self-sustaining as we create more opportunities to extend our charitable outreach.

CREATE Faith Project

Donors are excited about how CatholicBrain Cares allows them to be part of the creative process in producing new content to delight young minds and hearts. We partner with Adventure Catechism Media to produce captivating content, empowering children to learn, know, and live a life-long faith in Christ. Donors may choose to direct their contributions to help create new videos and digital resources like Adventure Catechism First Communion Series with Brother Francis, Catholic Adventure Kids Show, and more.