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CatholicBrain Cares Foundation, through our partnership with CatholicBrain.com and Adventure Catechism Media, provides faith formation content to delight souls with a love for God. The CatholicBrain Cares team is dedicated to fundamentally improving the lives of children, both now and eternally. Our goal is to equip Catholic schools, churches, and missionary organizations around the world to provide effective faith formation experiences so everyone can learn, live, and share faith in Christ.

By 2027, the Foundationís global goal is to reach 1 million Catholic children in the United States and around the world with digital learning solutions to help them build strong Catholic learner identities, achieve literacy in the Faith, and equip them for a life of virtue united with Jesus and His Catholic Church.

With the help of our international media distribution partners, CatholicBrain Cares Foundation provides access to digital content to a vast number of children and families where streaming options are available.

For our evangelization effort to reach children and families in impoverished communities where streaming access is not possible, the ACM Biblezon Tablet is our simple and powerful device to deliver content. Working with our international distribution partners, tablets arrive with optional solar-power battery packs, and are pre-loaded with easy-to-use faith formation content and digital resources. We equip ministries, parishes, and schools to instantly strengthen the souls of children and families who desperately need the love of Jesus in their lives.

  • Faith Formation Programs for Children ages 3 - 12
  • 40 Adventure Catechism Videos
  • Bible Stories Videos
  • Audio Bible
  • Saint Stories
  • Catholic Dictionary
  • Games & Activities
  • Catholic Songs
  • Prayers
  • Quizzes

The CatholicBrain Cares Foundation team is passionate about our mission to use accessible digital tools to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to children in need, in countries all over the world.

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Our partners are critical to our work and support us in various ways